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Atlanta Rocks!
1019 Collier Rd. NW
Atlanta GA 30318
Phone: 404-351-3009
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Atlanta Rocks!, located 10 minutes north of the center of Atlanta, is the largest indoor gym in the Southeast, with more than 12,000 square feet of professionally-designed, seamless climbing surface. There are more than 50 top-rope stations, crazy overhanging lead routes, and hundreds of climbs.

All classes at Atlanta Rocks! include instruction, climbing time, shoes, harness and belay device in the course fee. Atlanta Rocks! provides one instructor for every six climbers. Classes are two hours in length and space is limited, so call for reservations.

Henry T., a reviewer on says: "I had a really great experience rock climbing here. The owner is very friendly, and it's obvious that he cares for his customers. The instructors here are also very knowledgeable and friendly. I came here with my wife and did the introductory lesson which is a two hour instructor guided course. They teach you the basics to start off and then start you off with some easier climbs. Then depending how you do, you can continue on to more advanced climbs. Each wall has different skill levels and they are distinguished by the color of the rocks."

Programs at Atlanta Rocks! include quick climbs, after-school climbing programs, family day, novice climbs, power lunches, and lady climbing nights. Atlanta Rocks! Climbing Camp offers climbing instruction using a child-centered approach to teaching. Beginners learn the basics; including how to put on a harness, tye safety knots, proper belay procedures and introductory climbing technique. For intermediate climbers, camp focuses on developing better footwork, improving balance, and enhancing overall performance. 

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KIds build confidence with rock climbing lessons

See a 5:11-minute video of Atlanta Rocks!, with more than 12,000 square feet of professionally designed, seamless climbing surface. Produced by Steve Schumacher for Brown's Guide.

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