Georgia Plantations: Roswell Plantations

Georgia Plantations: Roswell Plantations

Archibald Smith Plantation is an authentic Georgia plantation built around 1845 in Roswell, Georgia

Smith Plantation is an authentic Georgia plantation in Roswell, Georgia. This Georgia plantation was built around 1845 and includes features typical of Georgia plantations of the period, including slave quarters and outbuildings. Smith Plantation is just one of many pre-Civil War buildings in Roswell, including Bulloch Hall, Barrington Hall and others.

Located just north of Atlanta’s Perimeter, Roswell is one of the most historic and walkable towns in Georgia. Founded in 1838 by Roswell King, the overseer of a prominent rice plantation on the Georgia coast, Roswell rapidly became one of the most important manufacturing centers in Georgia and was targeted by Sherman during his invasion of Georgia in 1864. Today, Roswell contains not only this Georgia plantation and other historic structures but a charming town square, shops and restaurants.

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