Furniture in Georgia: Brumby Rockers

Furniture in Georgia: Brumby Rockers

The classic Brumby Rocker has been made in Georgia since 1875.

When James Remley Brumby's failing barrel company forced him to try his hand at chair making in 1875, little did he know that more than a century later his rocking chairs would be known worldwide.

Since the fledgling chair company started in Marietta 118 years ago with the purchase of a $25 hand lathe, Brumby Chair has battled extinction on two separate occasions and is now stronger than ever. What is the key to this small business's success? The answer appears to be obvious...a strong mixtureof old-fashioned southern tradition and generations of family pride.

Although he founded the company with his friend Major Henry Myers, Jim Brumby sent to Mississippi for the help of younger brother Thomas M. Brumby in 1875. Together they formed Brumby & Brother. By 1884 the company was incorporated as the Brumby Chair Co. The company has remained in the family,

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The authentically American, yet distinctively Brumby Rockers have been made in Marietta, Georgia, since 1875.

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