Mystery at Booger Bottom



A vehicle in Meriwether County was invaded by a host of small red spots which terrified the three occupants.  This UFO type phenomenon seems to be unprecedented.

This is a story of a brother-in-law and his brother and sister-in-law. The brother-in-law, 59 years old, left his Tucker home early on April 13, 2003, and drove to Greenville in Meriwether County to pick up his brother, a 72-year-old retired auto worker, and his sister-in-law, a retired 73-year-old bookkeeper. The three continued to Albany in the brother-in-law's Ford Explorer to visit the men's sister.After a warm reunion, the three headed back toward Greenville on GA 41, a rural road with little traffic and few houses.

The Sunday had been beautiful, the visit delightful, and the conversation so lively that the radio was turned off. Just after nine p.m. they were only miles from Greenville in a locale known as Booger Bottom. According to the woman, "we entered an isolated stretch of country road, when suddenly there appeared inside our vehicle, numerous red lights which seemed to be darting around and moving erratically and very fast." She was sitting in the back and saw "a reflection or beams from the lighted spots" on the floorboard. "I looked up and the red lights were all over my husband and brother-in-law."

The brother-in-law said that suddenly "a hoard of red lights manifested inside my SUV," without warning. He panicked for a second, then slowed to thirty mph as his sister-in-law shouted at him, saying, "Pull over, those are police lights!"The brother-in-law checked his rear view and looked around, but there were no police cars and his brother chimed in with, "Police lights are blue, not red." He could not count the number of lights, described as small, "extremely erratic, strobing." A few "had short, laser like beam qualities" resembling the effects seen in a disco club. "I felt totally out of control ...In awe, I knew what was happening was not of this world! I looked in the rearview mirror to check on my sister-in-law and saw her in a panorama of bright red lights...As my head was turned looking at her I noticed the same lights at her feet and legs, the floor board was a hue of red probably from the reflection from the brilliant display. I noticed the same type pattern of red lights and activity ongoing with my brother as well."

The lights had been "everywhere inside the car, except the trunk."The husband had noticed a red swirling object outside the driver's side door just before the episode started, then "a swarm of red lights, jumping and dancing around on me and my brother," appeared. One landed on his stomach and lingered before abruptly jumping off.

When a vehicle approached them from the opposite direction, the event ceased as quickly as it had begun.All three agreed that the incident lasted about twenty-five seconds. The orbs, estimated to number fifty, were round, solid objects the size of silver dollars and appeared only on their bodies.The Georgia Bureau of Investigation was called, but had no interest in the incident since no crime had been involved and public safely did not appear to be endangered.

An on-line UFO investigating organization, NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Center), referred the trio to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) Georgia.NUFORC interviewed the principals, finding them to be exceptional witnesses, sober minded and eloquent. Olivia Newton, MUFON and paranormal researcher, and another investigator interviewed the witnesses."We watch for body language, any discrepancies," said Newton. "They looked at us right in the eye and were very forthright. They said, ‘Surely you have heard of this before?'"They had not."They all said it was not of this world," Newton continued. "They felt it was intelligent. They felt they had sought them out for the sole purpose of scanning them. Scan. That was the word they used."The lady and her two companions were anxiously seeking answers."She said, ‘I've got to know what this is. Are they coming back after us? What if they cart us off?"

At nine that same evening in Greenville a woman was gazing out her kitchen window when suddenly a ball of bright red lights appeared and "split into numerous balls of light," wrote Jared Radestock, a Greenville investigator. A connection between the two events seems obvious.


Have there been similar episodes in Georgia? At least one.In August, 1996, "Lisa", who lives at the foot of Hogg Mountain, also in western Georgia, watched a triangular-shaped UFO "scan" the ridge with red rays which would turn on and sweep an area, then disappear, only to reappear and examine another area.

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