Coleman Lake Restaurant

Coleman Lake Restaurant
Read What Coleman Lake Restaurant Is Saying About Itself... Coleman Lake Restaurant is a popular seafood stop hidden in the woods near Swainsboro. You can order from the menu during the week or enjoy their seafood buffet on the week-end. And, of course, catfish and hushpuppies are a staple. Coleman Lake Restaurant sits along side of the Ogeechee River, and is surrounded by Spanish moss and cypress trees. Read What Others Are Saying About Coleman Lake...
  • These guys know how to do it. Seafood is fresher than anywhere. I will definitely be back and it was well worth the drive from Augusta. Austin on MerchantCircle 8/2009
  • I do recommend that you patronize this restaurant. Come with a loose fitting pair of pants, get the seafood buffet, and order some fried gator as an appetizer. Get yourself a bowl of the soup and try both kinds of hushpuppies. Jimmy S on Yelp! 6/2009.
  • The glass enclosed porch of the restaurant hangs over the Ogeechee River with huge moss covered cypress and oaks providing shade and atmosphere. Occasionally will see a lazy alligator floating by, fish jumping... The weekend seafood buffets are the best around. They also yearly have an oyster-roast/pig picking' for customer appreciation with prepaid tickets being less than 10 dollars per person. When in this region, this is a must try restaurant." Tiffany on MyTravelGuide 5/2006.

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Coleman Lake Restaurant

Coleman Lake Restaurant Swainsboro, GA, Restaurants
A popular seafood stop hidden in the woods near Swainsboro. Winner of Brown's Guides Facebook Poll "The Best Places to Eat in and Around Swainsboro."

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